May 26, 2008

I am expressing this in a "thinking aloud" mode in reflecting my present or near past experiences of life.
I wonder every time I get to hear about a European / American (1st world) qualified person (mainly goras) to be more efficient and better employee. Lingo like "in this part of the world", "local", "asian", "not as per UK/US standards", "consultants or experts from UK/US" I feel, are always lined with a sub conscious racist slur.
It is even more irritating when I see Europeans / Americans / Goras (now i'm also treading the lines of a racist) being paid more than the developing nations employee. The world famous Indian sofware industry and expertise is a product of the type of racism which I am mentioning. This industry developed as Indians (can be from any third world country) demand or are paid less then any first world country's (a better word than 'european / american') employee. Worst of it is that we are happy with it. On the flip side it has helped us create an industry for our country and generate wealth. Better we live with the good side of the coin. I have even read somewhere that Indian CEO's are paid less that CEO's worldwide.
Another offshoot on this line is the qualification attained in a third world country is accepted or rejected (always rejected) by the first world countries. I do agree that the institutions in our country need to eleviate itself to a world class level, however to reject any qualification received from a third world country is not palateable. This is self contradicted when companies flock to our indigenous IIM's to hire an employee (I am sure at much less pay then a regular 1st world employee). It would be very appropriate if companies / universities have a screening method of deciding a candidature individually rather than a generic view on third world education.
I hope to continue / edit my views on this issue.